Leave Lancashire a-Fracking-lone!

For those of you not in the know or deliberately abstaining from the joke that is our national news service, today the Lords of the land (via their Westminster mouthpiece) overturned Lancashire County Council’s planning decision to reject Fracking.


Honestly, my biggest reaction at this news is for the community of people who’ve worked so hard to first educate themselves, then expend a ridiculous amount of energy informing others, marching, singing, campaigning, drumming, researching, leafleting, camping (!) , drawing, writing, cataloging, stall-manning, door-knocking and endless conversations with others along the way… and all the usual human mess that comes with being part of a wider movement of diverse people.

You are all brilliant and that camaraderie is the silver lining of this total farce.

That and people realizing and accepting that #Democracy is just a bullshit word.

Love to all my friends who are absorbing this news and preparing themselves for further resistance – as the facts have not changed.

We’d still like our water to be fresh from deep in our lovely Earth as is meant to be – not drilled, poisoned by utter scumbags chasing a short term profit then re-injected ‘within safe limits’ and fuck anyone who suffers and breathes in toxic fumes along the way.

That odious, arrogant scumbag Frances Egan from Cuadrilla, said today that they’re aiming for ‘100 wells’ in Lancashire.


That’s one hundred 30 foot high flames burning off the excess poisonous gases 24/7 with all living things becoming collateral damage for what?

For ‘business’ for some private firm too STUPID to realize that the time has come to ditch fossil fuel burning as a way to keep the lights on.

That’s a hell of a lot of lovely folk in Blackpool, the Fylde, and right across the county to Preston who will be in certain danger and GUARANTEED some will die if this bad decision by central government is allowed to go ahead.  And that’s not including the huge stress that those people fighting this are under now…. a stress that does not go away.  The knowledge of how bad it is brings a sense of responsibility that once adopted is impossible to shake.

Some end up dedicating their every waking hour to this – it has taken over lives.
So this blog is to send L O V E  to all my friends on this, the opposite day of when we celebrated our incredibly hard won and legitimate victory in June, 2015.

What a fracking joke.

I have said ‘Rest in Love’ rather the traditional RIP ever since watching this film, as I can tell you now this man did not find peace in death.  The same fracking activity that killed his cows then claimed his life.  I can’t explain why, but I love him.

Here’s the absolute hero that is Terry who did his best to warn us.

May he inspire you as he did me.


P.s. For those of you who DID watch the news and were reassured by the promise of “golden regulations” which will allegedly ‘prevent’ the utter environmental and health disaster in the US from being repeated here, PLEASE NOTE:

1) the term ‘safe’ does not mean it won’t harm you. It is a shortened version of ALARP which means ‘as low as is reasonably practical’ which allows for KNOWN hazardous, radioactive and carcinogenic materials to be burned, buried and mixed into the water table with the HOPE that each individual toxic molecule will disperse (spread out) therefore you’d have to be a bit ‘unlucky’ if you were the poor soul who breathed it in/drank it/ate food that was contaminated with it.

2) All four unconventional gas wells in this country have so far FAILED. It was proven by the government themselves that the Blackpool well lead to hundreds of Earth tremors and a couple of notable quakes that damaged property (and potentially the underground aquifer – there is no way of ascertaining this!)
There was also pressure problems/annular failure in the others and multiple failed attempts to plug the well – and a fire in the hole over in Yorkshire.

3) There is no financial insurance in place in the event of an entire underground aquifer of water being ruined as HAS HAPPENED in the U.S. . The aquifer cannot be replaced – what happens is people start dropping dead of cancer. Your taps start spouting dirty water that instead of giving life – kills. 

4) It is the SAME scumbags wanting to frack here as in America, Australia, etc. (- e.g. Halliburton) using the same drilling techniques and secret ‘recipes’ protected by corporate law in the US for their chemical soup that makes the drilling fluid ‘slippy’ .

5) The media/industry/government reassurances are about as reliable as made-up testimonies re WMDs before the Iraq war. Same scumbags – and pretty much the same game. Except this time instead of the people of Fallujah being poisoned – you will be.


“The first Medact report, Health and Fracking, bought together a range of experts to examine the available evidence regarding the health hazards and risks associated with fracking.

Since then, the report’s lead author David McCoy has given expert witness testimony to the public inquiry into fracking in Lancashire, at which he presented health evidence in defence of a local decision to refuse a planning application for exploratory drilling licences.” 



“The following is an ever-growing list of the individuals and families that have been harmed by fracking (or fracked gas and oil production) in the US.”



“Cuadrilla had to take action to fix what engineers have described as a well integrity failure (though Cuadrilla denies this) at its Preese Hall site, in Lancashire, according to the emails revealed in response to an FOI request from Energydesk.”



Stop Moorside

NuGen: ‘The project will become the UK’s biggest new nuclear output from a single site – and Europe’s largest new nuclear construction plan.’


“The Moorside Project is a nationally significant infrastructure project and must be consented through the Planning Act 2008 via a ‘Development Consent Order’ (DCO). Before a DCO can be made, NuGen is required to consult with those living in the vicinity of the land to which its proposed application relates, key local authorities, persons with an interest in the land and prescribed statutory bodies, as well as publicising its proposed application nationally.”


Stage Two: Proposed Scheme Consultation: 14th May 2016 to 30th July 2016.

To whom it may concern,

Please acknowledge receipt of this – my objection to the proposed Moorside Nuclear Development.

I would appreciate your response to each of my carefully researched and referenced points.

Having thoroughly researched the issue, I strongly object to the proposal on the following grounds:

The company who want to build the new plant have proven that they are inept in preventing a nuclear accident at Fukushima. Toshiba Daiichi have admitted that they ‘lost’ 600 tons of nuclear fuel in the failure of the plant to withstand the forces of nature.  Their attempts to block the contaminated area from reaching seawater have failed repeatedly and they admit to 300 tons of radioactive seawater entering the Pacific Ocean daily.  The company admits that the technology to ‘fix’ the problem has not been invented yet.  I do not trust that similar mistakes or new mistakes will not happen at the proposed Moorside nuclear development.

A new nuclear development anywhere is an accident waiting to happen. You cannot provide evidence to prove this is not the case.  I object to you pretending otherwise.

The area where you want to build is already hugely contaminated with radionuclides from the Sellafield/Windscale plant.  I object to the idea in principal that the local environment can be asked to accommodate yet more radiation from a new source of the most toxic synthetic substance known to mankind.

There is a known ten-fold rise in childhood leukemia in Cumbria, attributed by UK governmental radiation risk scientific advisory body – the Committee on Medical Aspects of Radiation in the Environment (COMARE) to “population mixing” – zero evidence has proven this theory whereas the evidence shows that ingesting radioactive particles can and does cause leukemia and other cancers.  It is premeditated murder to inflict this radioactive death sentence upon the local population, the rest of the North West of England and the coast of Ireland.  To sanction this new nuclear development which will pump radioactive discharge into the Irish sea and into the air is to sanction murder.  My objection to this could not be stronger.

I also object to the method of quantifying what is considered by the UK, European and international regulatory authorities to be an ‘acceptable level’ of radiation contained in the planned emissions from the existing nuclear development at this location – and around all nuclear facilities.  The method uses figures of absorbed radiation derived from an external source. It uses this ‘external dose’ divided by the perceived number of local residents to calculate an ‘acceptable level’ per person.  This method is fundamentally flawed in several regards, namely:

  1. An ingested particle of radiation causes far more harm to human soft tissue than an absorbed external dose.  To compare the two as if they were the same is to compare heat felt by someone standing near a fire – to the damage caused if they were to ingest a of piece of coal.
  2. In actuality the risk from planned radioactive emissions is not shared evenly per person in a given area.  Someone could in fact ingest a radioactive particle (airborne or in the sea from the waste pipe) and the cell changes will cause cancer – potentially even decades later.  To simply divide the total amount of planned radiation emissions per head is not a fair method of assessing the individual risk to people living close beside a nuclear facility or downwind of it.  For many people, living nearby a nuclear facility is an early ticket to the grave – preceded by painful cancer.  This is a proven fact and is totally unacceptable.
  3. The very idea of using a model that states that there is an ‘acceptable’ number of people who WILL be harmed, but that this can be mathematically averaged out over a wider population who remain ‘unharmed’ to arrive at a so-called “acceptable level” of risk of harm to a given area/local population is morally WRONG.


In his scientific paper ‘Uranium Epidemiology’ published in 2015, Christopher Busby demonstrated with factual evidence that the risk to health from man-made Uranic sources derived from the nuclear industry are underplayed by the global atomic industry and world health organisations.  This data relates directly to the proposed Moorside development as local children are already suffering.  Here is but one relevant extract from this scientific paper:

PAGE 2: “Then there is a well-accepted but rare genetic-damage based cancer Retinoblastoma, which is diagnosed in children and for which the Rb gene mutation is known. The highest rates for this cancer are in the Navajo tribes who inhabit areas where there are Uranium mine tailings [30]. The other place where this condition has a high rate is in offspring of workers at the Sellafield reprocessing plant in the UK [31].”


The proposed Moorside development needs to take account of these findings and include them in an honest risk assessment to human health should the proposal go ahead.  I object to this project if these proven findings are not taken into account and the known risk published to the the people of Cumbria who are currently falsely told that ‘nuclear plants do not pose a risk to human health’.

Here is a British newspaper reporting, in June 2016, results from three more scientific studies concluded that people living downwind of a nuclear facility in Wales have FIVE TIMES the chance of developing cancer over and above what you would expect in that population.

http://www.dailymail.co.uk/…/Nuclear-power-station… .

There is scientific certainty that the increased cancer rates were directly attributable to the proximity of the nuclear plant and it’s PLANNED radioactive emissions.  The official publicity for the proposed Moorside Development that has informed the previous consultations that have paved the way to it being given the go-ahead CANNOT have taken this evidence into account.

To continue to press ahead with this current consultation for three new nuclear reactors in West Cumbria without first publicizing this evidence of INCREASED CANCER NUMBERS in communities living in the shadow of nuclear plants is to LIE to the general public about the unavoidable risk to their own health and that of their loved ones.

I object in principal to the continuation of the proposed Moorside new nuclear plant as this information is not widely understood yet by the UK population – especially those conditioned to accept nuclear developments in a given area due to the jobs that it will create.

Yours sincerely,

Eleanor Bull

30th July 2016



I’m a Palace fan.

I’ve seen and been around this country over two decades (from aged 8 to 28) of lovely drives to 28 different away grounds supporting our team with my Dad and my bros – literally as a huge treat once or twice a year – a.k.a. the most fun ever.
Better than holidays.

We got into two minor scrapes in all that time:
Someone grabbing our Dan’s scarf out that he was dangling out the car window for a few seconds in Leicester (Dan got mildly bollocked for deliberately taunting some guy out the window) and a slightly hairy moment in Stoke where we had to stick dead close to my old man as we walked through a subway tunnel that suddenly felt a bit raw. But we were fine.

The other trips (including those ones!) are full of memories of having banter on the car and trying to spot a pub to have swift half in before the game, having first managed to park the car (slight triumph; every time.)  Cheering/singing ourselves hoarse at the ground.  Then chips after and still laughing our heads off at the songs.

Football fans are 99% lovely – and hilarious.

Yes, there are a few that organise a ruck (bleugh) but … it’s not an international incident that can trigger a police state response when it happens here is it?
…and when do you even hear about it anymore these days??

According to my Facebook feed, there’s been a bad incident:
English fans; stabbing; Russians.
That’s as much as I know.
And, it’s staying that way.

In the light of hearing this horrid news, despite my attempt at a media blackout, I have read other people’s comments and feel moved to share some inherited wisdom, or it’s wasted.

This England fan flare up/football hooligan tradition that is wheeled out at every major football tournament without fail – is deliberate.

Why would I think that? I have to defer to my old man. He was a mainstream journalist (who made it to the top of Fleet Street) who then wrote and self-published his paper every single week for over 25 years writing about Capitalism and the need foster greater understanding, to ready us for the moment of Revolution when their ridiculous casino stock markets spectacularly crash. He wrote stuff that is so relevant now, that you just can’t read anywhere. That man studied our class system and media mechanisms, and parliamentary farce like no-one else I am aware of.

I’m gonna stick my head our and leave my neck exposed here n say that were he still alive, he would give you a very steady eye and inform you that this predictable ‘trouble’ at tournaments is deliberately sparked off – so that people who don’t know football start describing all fans as grunts.

And a knock-on effect dollop of national chauvinism (us v Russians / them dirty Russians, etc.) to boot.

This year’s provocations in France are especially predictable as the states/rulers/elite/global capitalists/warmongering nazis/bureaucrats/aristocratic arseholes and their class-collaborating lackies at a managerial level are needing to tighten their grip on this farce that some still call ‘democracy’ .

They have to pull stunts to tighten their grip, because in fact they are losing their grip.
Their Capitalist economy is fucked; people have started to have actually have had enough and the curtain shielding the wizard has been pulled open by a little dog called the Internet.

France is in uproar over being fully reminded that each individual is a none-important person who can have their job security and happiness whisked away in a heartbeat if it suits their employer.

^^ Is the British media full of this ??  ^^

No. Is it fuck.

There have been a dozen incidents of police using tear gas against people protesting this Labour Law this year in Nantes alone. It’s been happening all over France – marches, strikes, blockades. And, it’s been getting nasty.
I’ve watched videos of French military police assaulting a 74 year old woman whilst forcibly arresting her.

Is that being shown on our screens in-between Capitalist adverts and the ‘sport’ that we’re supposed to swallow??? In a word – Non. It gets swept under the collective Capitalist controlled rug, to perpetuate the carefully crafted ever-so-British mentality that ‘the world still turns’ and ‘there’s nothing we can do’ oh, and England drew against Russia, keep moving…. nothing to see here – and ‘they love kicking off, those bloody French’.

That’s what this fighting is about.

And that same kosh (this hooligan story told via the mainstream media) will achieve the same results on both sides of The Channel: with some french being persuaded that we’re a bunch of yobbos and the same here.

I witnessed this CLASS WAR being waged first hand last night in my job. The bar where I work showed the game, and there were a few merry people who’d been on an all-dayer.
One lovely lad, about my age, who, if he’d walked into a temping agency for an office job would be instantly turned away for the way he spoke, made my night.
He gave me a £3 tip after I’d made friends with him and been nice to his group. We had a right laugh and that delicious human connection, when you’ve just made pals.
A couple of  hours later (fairly drunk) his beaming face returned and he pressed 2 more pound coins into my hand, “Here – you’ve got a fiver to put in your son’s money box now.”  🙂 Aww  🙂
A really super sweet moment in my life, that I’m 100% sure both of us will remember forever. He really wanted to show me he thought I was sound and that he appreciated me being kind and open to making acquaintance and having fun.
It was a moment or two of pure love.
Exactly as us human beings are capable of living when you take all the bullshit away.

…. Soz to put a ‘but’ on the end of this ^, but let’s turn to the aged 20-something dolled up girls that were stood in a queue right next to us witnessing me gratefully accepting this wonderful moment, albeit it with a pissed-up guy who was by then slightly slurring his speech. With ZERO hesitation these were the comments – aimed directly to my face. The same face that had been just genuinely giving the bloke a goodbye hug before their eyes.

‘As if you have to serve people like that!’

‘Oh my God, how come he’s in here…. I didn’t think you let people like that in.’

‘Jesus mate, go back to school and learn to talk!’

^^^^ THIS ^^^^

This SHITE is the name of the game.

Perpetuating this class divide – one human being judging another over their command of the English language, social status, clothes they wear, job (or lack of) or the company they keep.

I’m not being cynical or fantastical – i have witnessed this all my 40 years of life:
the use of football+the media to perpetuate class divide.

Lower class English football fans have to be tainted as the lowest of the low. This in turn gives identity to those who see themselves as so much better.

Openly knocking those people that the media target is socially acceptable.

It’s not deemed racist, derogatory, abusive, in the same way that picking on someone’s colour, gender or sexual preference would be.

We are, lets face it – a nation of snobs.

I count myself extremely lucky that the people I can call my friends do not fit this description.

That’s what this focus on a scrap with footy ‘fans’ is trying to achieve.

That plus the objective of lumping all the trouble around into one mind-numbing narrative that bears no reality to the day to day life of a human bean.

A carefully crafted narrative, drip-feeding choice key words and concepts re wars that we are waging against innocent Syrians; who famous has just died; someone got robbed/murdered; the Queen’s (yes folks, it’s 2016 and we still have a ‘Queen’ ! hahaaa!) birthday, or her daughter-in-law’s latest dress; traffic reports from the (deliberately) permanently fouled-up roads; and the incessant bullshit bureaucratic nonsense about which fat cats are gonna rule us . All meshed into one ball-ache of a tedious, hard to listen to, depressing,  continuous newsreel of doom and gloom that seeks to cast the same,

>> “Oh, ffs give it a rest!” <<

knee-jerk response from Joe Public to EVERYONE that dares to declare themselves a footy fan, blockade a port, petrol station, road, country lane or stand in a street with a banner that says ‘no’ be it to war, cuts, homelessness, fracking, nuclear, wages, people camps (er, i mean ‘immigration’) and put us in the same category as the ‘terrorist’ immigrants, and the ‘thick as fuck’ hooligans/footy fans/grunts/plebs/scallies/chavs, etc. .

It’s ALL deliberate and it’s purpose is simple.

It’s called D I V I D E and Rule.

Answer me this: does it take TWO YEARS to infiltrate and close down a small time South London football hooligan cult/cell/unit/gang?

Does it though?


La Guerre.

When you attack innocent people with intent to kill on foreign soil, it is an act of war.
Même à Paris, même à Tripoli.

A really old friend genuinely asked me last week, why do you care so much?
[about the fact that NATO (lead by the french) flattened Tripoli using air strikes and gun ships from the Med in 2001, in an act of war that saw the most amount of bombs dropped in the shortest space of time onto a civilian area, ever.]

Answer, because I spent 3 of the best weeks of my life in that beautiful country. We hung out each night when it had cooled down on top of flat rooves with mint tea and shisha pipes and foxing my Libyan hosts with the best card trick ever; playing football in the heat with a bunch of ace kids behind a market; eating as a guest in people’s homes and visiting a university, hospital, and special school; exploring the roman ruins at Leptis Magna; and in the last week, drinking date rum moonshine with the Egyptian kitchen staff in their secret beach hut. All at a youth conference in 1998, where 300 delegates from around the world all made friends.

I was 22.

I fell in love with a french guy on that beach and moved to Paris for a year straight after my trip. That is why it feels personal when you have to sit at home watching a beautiful capital city going up in smoke – anyone of those people I met could be dead.

That once-beautiful and thriving country is now a ruin and a cowboy town, with refugees risking their lives in boats to escape….via/to France… …to a squalid refugee camp in Calais that has been nicked-named the jungle… where french police fired rubber bullets 3 nights running last week (no, you didn’t miss it – it wasn’t on the news) in an attack that has been seen by many as collective punishment.

I have been hesitantly wanting to write about this this week, and considering the merits of translating an angle that feels ‘personal’ as, for one of my oldest pals, hearing that experience really made a difference to him understanding how I feel.

So anyways, last night at 3am whilst driving me home, the word Paris pops up on the radio and my adorable boss says, shit, haven’t you heard?  There are a LOT of people dead in Paris.


Her brother has a house there, he could be there right now.

And two of my french cousins live there.

We’ve both lived there.

We’re both going home to get online.


So I watched BBC news in total horror until daft o’clock.

Thinking if I message now at 4am and don’t hear back, it will feel worse….

….and woke up very late today not instantly recalling why I felt so awful.

Oh yes, I have to check if my cousins who live in central Paris are alive.


C’est spécial, quoi?

Is that one step closer to understanding this concept of ‘personal’?

Is it normal my brain wanders into wondering if these suicide bombers have had members of their family blown up? Or was it a crazy extremist ‘religious’ motivated reaction to the state of our planet? It doesn’t feel normal, it feels disgusting for your mind to consider any of this.

Will war being waged by a prick like Blair and his international blood-thirsty cronies on false presences be tolerated in far off lands until enough of us have evolved to take it so personally we are prepared to do something about it?

EVERYONE is someone’s son or daughter, brother, sister or cousin.

That is precisely what we have in common all over our planet.

Exactly that.

Love for your family and for your home.

That, and this SICK system of arms manufacturing, trading, periodic military attacks and a bullshit mainstream media that is designed never to expose heart of the problem: i.e Capitalism itself and the rotten Establishment who keep it going.

As long as our Earth is seen as a market place of resources where the highest bidder wins and pricks in suits can decide to press the seek and destroy button as it suits them then carve up the spoils under the guise of slick advertising, then innocent people will be killed, maimed and bereaved.

Lives rendered meaningless.

Life rendered meaningless.

It’s fucking personal.

Eleanor Bull.
The day after the Paris. 


What is Fracking?

Life Times 2015 by Stewart MacArthur
Life Times 2015
by Stewart MacArthur

Earth Can No Longer Afford A Profit Margin.
By Eleanor Bull.

1) Fracking and it’s dirty variants, Coal Bed Methane (CBM) and Underground Coal Gasification (UCG) is the latest attempt to keep the BIG SIX and their subsidiaries in business. The private firms who make obscene profits and who dominate the energy market and sponsor the main political parties who ‘compete’ to ‘govern’ the UK and most of the world, with  exceptions such as tiny Cuba.

2) Drilling companies create 3 to 5 km deep boreholes down to the shale layer.

3) These deep well shafts pass into our aquifers and out the other side – directly puncturing ancient natural cover that protects the source of our fresh water.

4) Fracking has irreversibly CONTAMINATED the aquifers in loads of US states KILLING people and animals. LOOK IT UP!

5) The drillers can use DEPLETED URANIUM to do the frack – i.e. blow up the rock down in the bowels of the Earth to ‘release the gas’. DU is a man-made product of nuclear scientists playing God and messing with the very nature of material. You need to look it up please. I don’t think you’d choose to risk drinking it.

6) They then pump ‘drilling mud’ which is water + sand + a toxic chemical soup to make it slippy water (i.e reduce friction) and cause chemical reactions to ‘enhance’ the release of gas and other products such a ‘ethylene’ (which will be piped straight from the fracking sites to companies that use toxic chemicals in places like Ellesmere Port.)

7) This deadly ‘drilling mud’ escapes from the borehole and RUINS the fresh water aquifer.

8) Water companies (e.g Yorkshire Water and United Utilities) SUPPORT fracking because they can a) sell the huge volumes of water needed to the drilling companies and b) are owned by a multi-national (which includes Citi Bank) and who ALSO have investments in Nestle who will then SELL you bottled water to drink instead.

9) It is no coincidence the UK government has LIMITED drilling (PEDL) licences for national parks (to protect the water sources there.)

10) Nestle have built a £35million pound water bottling factory in Buxton.

11) The Kelda Group (who own Yorkshire Water and Northern Irish Water and Scottish Water) PREDICTED to their  investments partners and stockmarkets at large in 2011, that “water is the new oil” and that ‘water will become an asset class…as pollution makes fresh water more valuable’ . The Citi Group top economist who said this is Wilhelm Buitler – LOOK IT UP!

12) Why do the borehole casings that are supposed to protect the aquifers FAIL? Because the seal is achieved by back-filling with cement (you know that stuff that can crack and crumble and does NOT last forever) and the frack itself CAUSES EARTHQUAKES .

13) The Frackers actually TARGET seams in the Earths crust to further the frack. This causes seismic activity that can fuck up the seal on the borehole. 5% of wells casings FAIL on the initial drilling and 50% fail within a *fifteen years (*I need to check this as more evidence may have lowered this now).

14) The well casing at Balcombe FAILED they have admitted to well-integrity failure.

15) The well-casing at Preese Hall FAILED they are STILL fighting to “plug the well” with multiple attempts at using cement to seal it having FAILED resulting in “annular pressure” i.e it’s is FUCKED.

16) Preese Hall caused TWO earthquakes in 2011 that damaged houses.

17) There is a deep well been bored at Ellesmere Port that I-Gas plans to frack.

18) They have already drilled and capped nearby Ince.

19) There are two wells drilled right of a protected water source in East Yorkshire. Rathlin have recently gained PERMISSION TO FRACK there. THE PEOPLE NEED HELP TO LOCK THE GATE RIGHT NOW.

20) The West Newton borehole has been fraught with problems and had a FIRE IN THE HOLE (look up gas explosions/fracking around the world.

21) The OPPOSITION to the fracking application at Beverley Town Hall were granted just FIVE MINUTES to mount their objections – WOT THE PISS??????? Lancashire County Council had a 6-day hearing!

22) The gas comes out at a rapid pace and has to be ‘flared off’ . The ten tons per DAY of flared gas that is burned STINKS (ask the people of West Newton) and is full of Methane and Radon gas plus other toxins.

23) Methane and Radon are CARCINOGENIC and also have been proven to affect your endochrine system, cause premature births and lots more ill-health. This damage to health affects all species and you cannot escape breathing it in if you live there. There is now a “methane cloud” over the US from fracking.

14) The UK’s independent air-quality monitoring stations were GOTTEN RID OF in the cuts.

15) The UK’s independent radioactive monitoring stations were GOT RID OF in the cuts.

16) In response to the radioactive contamination of aquifers in the US, and increased radioactivity in the environment raining down from Fukishima and all functioning nuclear power plants, Obama last year DOUBLED the level of radioactivity permitted in drinking water.

17) UK scientists have proven that you are 20 TIMES more likely to develop Leukemia if you live near a nuclear plant.

18) UK scientists have proven that you are FIVE TIMES more likely to get breast cancer if you live near a nuclear facility


20) ^ I.e. they are DRILLING BOREHOLES to gather data to find a place suitable to bury the stuff that is SO TOXIC it doesn’t even make it into nuclear bombs!!!!!!!

21) Depleted Uranium remains deadly for over FOUR AND HALF BILLION YEARS. If they use it in the frack, the HOW do you know they are not mixing liquid waste from spent nuclear fuel into the cement slurry to pimp into the fractured rock???

22) ^ This method of Nuclear Waste disposal was PATENTED by Halliburton in 1967.

23) Halliburton have the CONTRACT to do the re-injection of ‘fracking flowback water in North Yorkshire / Kirby Misperton.

24) The results of water samples (x3) sent by the licence-holder for drilling (Third Energy) to the Environment Agency show radioactivity levels of man-made synthetic substances that are products of the nuclear industry measured in GIGA becquerels per litre.

25) The Flowback water from Lancs was measured in MEGA becquerels per liter; that’s a difference of a thousand!!! WHAT THE FUCK DO THEY WANT TO INJECT INTO THE GROUND AT EBBERSTON MOOR????

26) If the Radioactive Waste Management decide on where they want to site a Geological Disposal Facility they no longer have to get planning permission from local and county councils.

27) By law (made on 31st March 2015) the person who can decide is the Secretary of State as the GDF is no classed as ‘being in the national interest’ and falls under NSIP rules.

28) National Significant Infrastructure Projects were designed to speed up planning consent for new trunk roads NOT TO KILL US BY POISONING THE WATER.

29) The UK dropped shells tipped with Depleted Uranium onto Fallujah in the illegal Iraq War. Some could argue it was a CHEAP way to get rid of our nuclear waste? Let alone make a packet via the arms trade.

30) Babies are being born in Fallujah that no longer look like babies. If you google it YOU WILL NEVER FEEL THE SAME AGAIN you have been warned.

31) The populations of Fallujah has been told DO NOT HAVE KIDS by the World Health Association, as the birth defects have sky-rocketed and will GET WORSE with each subsequent generation.

32) That’s how DNA mutation works, it gets worse with each new generation – see pictures of fucked up moths studied in Japan that scientists observed to prove this point resulting from the fallout from Fukishima.

33) Fukishima was the same dose as 100 Hiroshima bombs. Look it up!

34) People are getting FUCKING ILL in Japan. People have been getting ill from radiation, especially in North West England for decades – it CAUSES CANCER. Liverpool is the Cancer Capital of Europe and just happens to be down wind form where they enrich Uranium and down the coast from Sellafield that has pumped millions of litres of deadly shite directly into te Irish Sea since 1946.

35) The waste from Japanese nuclears reactors COMES BY SHIP TO BARROW, UK.

36) Sellafield has the MOST radioactive substances stored there than ANYWHERE on Earth

37) The Irish Sea is the MOST RADIOACTIVE sea in the world.

38) Sellafield does NOT produce one watt of electricity for the national grid! It just REPROCESSES the world’s filthy nuclear waste to MAKE THE INGREDIENTS FOR BOMBS.

39) One of the top exports of all five permanent members of the UN Security Council is ARMS – look it up!

40) Why do you think they are so keen on starting wars?!

41) A company called Capula, owned by IMTECH won a contract with Sellafield to “vitirify” it’s worse liquid waste – spent nuclear fuel – ready for Geological Disposal.

42) Vitrification turns the spent liquid fuel into glass. The ground up glass is set into cement and put into barrels ready to go down, ‘a very deep hole in the ground’ .

43) This will be a world first – it’s never been done before.

44) The scientist who patented this Deep Borehole Disposal in 2007 was appointed to the committee overseeing the radioactive waste management (CoRWM) in 2008.

44) Out of all the companies in the world, IMTECH got the contact to do this at Sellafield.

45) IMTECH have set up an office in Kirkham, Lancs, minutes away from both the Preston new Road (REJECTED!) fracking site on the Fylde and also the proposed site at Roseacre Wood.

46) Last week when the fracking application for Roseacre Wood was REFUSED, Lancashire County Council DID grant permit for six water monitoring boreholes and 80 seismic testing devices.

47) Prior to disposing nuclear waste down a hole, the ground *must be monitored for waster movement and seismic activity for a year/two (*according to their own bullshit advice that says this idea is safe at all – no matter how much fucking monitoring they do before hand.)

48) Frances Egan was COCK-A-HOOP and smiling his head off when Cuadrilla LOST the Roseacre fracking application but won the monitoring application last week.

49) Perhaps because the Nuclear Decommissioning industry is estimated by the British Government (who will have to pay for it with YOUR TAXES) at £73Billion.

50) Once the monitoring is done, it will NOT be up to the local people via their council reps to say yes or no to a nuclear Dump.

51) So is this why IMTECH have come out of nowhere to sponsor this year’s Fylde in Bloom???

52) Do you really think you can buy the people’s trust with hanging baskets???

53) Laugh away Egan you evil bastard and the rest of your fracking nukiller fuckwits we are onto you.

55) Roseacre – LOCK THE GATE

55)) Instead of the £60BN on new nuclear the UK government is committed to spending and the £100Billion on Trident, How’s about you buy us all a couple of these you freaks?


A Peek into the Inner Workings of a Group of Mums and Dads Trying to Protect Our Children from Nuclear Radiation.

RE: Infrastructure Planning (Radioactive Waste Geological Disposal Facilities) Order 2015

The Facebook group No Nuclear Waste Dumping and sister-page No Geo Nuke Dumping have been researching the above proposed UK legislation, which seeks to class the creation of a Geological Disposal Facility (GDF) as being in the national interest. As Nationally Significant Infrastructure Project (NSIP) the planning authority will be removed from the Local and County Councils and the final decision passed instead to the Secretary of State, currently Eric Pickles.

Eleanor Bull
18th Feb 2015

One conversation I had today threw up this question: “Surely this has to happen? …the waste has to go somewhere.”


What to do with the world’s nuclear waste is THE question for our generation. Fukushima is an ongoing and almost indescribable nightmare, illustrating how lethal these radioactive poisons are – to all living things.

The catastrophic safety failure at the plant in 2011, resulting in 250,000 (permanently?) displaced residents of Fukushima and the ever-growing number of children who have developed thyroid cancer, are some of the reasons why the former Prime Minister of Japan is now actively warning the world to DITCH NUCLEAR ENERGY.

He most recently said this in person on a visit to the people of Anglesea (see Stop Wylfa campaign page on Facebook.)

As well as the seemingly unsolvable, utter catastrophe at Fukushima (4 reactor melt-downs) we are already suffering from ongoing leaks at Sellafield (into the ground, where the waste is stored) with radioactive waste continually spewing into the Irish Sea round the clock, 365 days per year (and not a watt of electricity going to the National Grid – it just produces materials for nuclear weapons!); escaped radionuclides from WIPP, New Mexico (where the ceilings collapsed after a fire and nuclear explosion); two recent leaks from nuclear reactors in the Ukraine; the continuing radioactive legacy from the Windscale Fire and Chernobyl; the horrific consequences of depleted Uranium in Fallujah (where parents have been told by the World Health Organisation: DO NOT HAVE KIDS); effluent contaminating the River Ribble from the nuclear fuel-rod Factory near Preston called Springfields (no, it’s not a joke) ; 99 recorded nuclear accidents at Faslane (atomic submarines) during 2013-2014 and we could go on and on and on.

This industry is routinely irradiating our environment.

Halton is 15 miles up-wind from Urenco and Sellafield, Capenhurst, Cheshire – which is one of only a few Uranium-enrichment plants in the world. It just so happens that Halton is also the UK’s cancer capital.

The ever-present and lethal danger posed by this sick manipulation of rare Earth minerals, producing synthetic poisons that can last for MILLIONS of years (uranium-238 has a half-life of 4.468×109 years, or 4.468 billion years!) needs to be taken to a much wider audience.

These plans to put these toxins into the ground are forging ahead with virtually no mainstream-media mention.

The REASON for the change of gear and dramatic new approach to Nuclear Waste Disposal is because the EU decreed that ‘the UK must have a robust plan in place for the stored waste and future waste legacy’ to get the green light for the proposed new generation of Nuclear Power Plants: Hinkley C and Moorside.

The search is on for a host site because Cumbria County Council had the sense to say no.

The sanctioning in principal and in advance of a potentially lethal experiment is bonkers. How can we allow the burying of spent nuclear fuel next to the source of our water supply!?!?!

The outrageous reality of this sudden urgency to deal with the waste is this:

1) The technology to achieve this aim safely does not exist.
The Research and Development (R&D) for a Geological Disposal Facility (GDF) rely on computer modelling, that the programmers themselves admit the limitations of. There is no way to accurately map the porosity of all the host rock. There is no way to accurately predict the future movement of water down there either. Hence there is no way to predict the movement of the radionuclides.

2) A huge chunk of the funding for the ongoing Research and Development (R&D – or, as Nikki taught us, RD&D) is coming from the Nuclear Industry. (e.g BNFL’s £5 million grant to Sheffield University’s Material Science Department.) Enough said.

3) “the Inspector at the Public Planning Inquiry of 1995-96, held to determine whether Nirex could go ahead at Longlands Farm, rejected Nirex’s proposals. He said that the underground laboratory was the precursor to a full underground repository, that the site had been chosen on manipulated criteria, that the geology and hydrogeology were unsuitable”  [as reported by David K. Smythe Emeritus Professor of Geophysics, University of Glasgow.]

4) Rather than ACCEPT Cumbria County Council’s rightful, democratic and scientifically-based decision to say NO to that plan (and twice since!) the government is instead effectively REMOVING the powers of this planning authority by classing this activity as being in the national interest (NSIP).

Planning regulations set up to ease the creation of new trunk roads are NOT a legitimate way to impose a nuclear dump.

5) The July 2014 Implementing Geological Disposal White Paper describes a ‘voluntarist approach’ of identifying host communities who will have an ongoing ‘right to withdrawal’. This has yet to be legally defined.
BUT it’s worth bearing in mind, that the Government, via UKOOG, has (legally?) defined the meaning of the word community to mean perhaps one property:

UKOOG: How will community be defined?

“This will largely be determined by the geography of the local area around each of the sites where exploratory drilling or production goes ahead. Typically, local communities are defined as those parishes, community councils or properties which are directly located in the vicinity of any producing site or affected by any of the infrastructure required to support a producing site. The exact boundaries of the ‘local community’ will be defined on a site-by-site basis in conjunction with the community.”


6) The 2013 public consultation into the siting of a GDF document states:

“Any planning application will need to take account of community views where they are relevant – but there is no requirement for community support inherent in the planning process itself.”

People need to know about this!

This is like the Infrastructure Bill + Fukushima!

It continues, “Through application of this voluntarism and partnership siting we would go further and require a demonstration of community support before development could proceed.”

The Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) spell out that they will set up ways of ‘demonstrating community support’ here in the minutes from their >6th GDF Users’ Group Meeting< Thursday 26th September 2013:

MRWS and NDA update, including siting process review:
“Initial discussions included questions on how the new process would engage communities at the national level, on the level of response to the previous Call for Evidence received from local authorities (e.g. district/county councils), on any means DECC may be considering in overcoming the lack of trust in RWMD/DECC raised by stakeholders, on the potential timing and extent of community benefits, and on the nature and timing of activities aimed at demonstrating community support envisaged by proposed changes.” 


Pinning them down on what a, “demonstration of community support” actually is, will be a job all of it’s own!

Why do we want to lobby against this proposal to change the law?

  • To preserve the established DEMOCRATIC PROCESS of applications being submitted to an elected Council planning committee, with the responsibility to local people to FULLY SCRUTINISE proposals; make decisions; hear appeals; call expert witnesses; conduct public full consultation and subsequent analysis; and trigger a Public Inquiry if necessary. This is PRECISELY what elected local councils are for!!!
  • The SAFEST way of tackling the waste is if the BEST scientists, geologists and engineers were working on such a project NOT constrained by time or budget in a NOT-FOR-PROFIT setting.
  • The recent experience of the NMP (Nuclear Management Partnership) private consortium (now sacked!) up at Sellafield PROVES that profit-making and safety DO NOT MIX and that system is wide-open to abuse. Sellafield cut up the bodies of 76 nuclear workers for testing without their families permission – that says it ALL for me! The private sector cannot be trusted to dispose of this waste. End of.

What else will help us fight this?

  • Think of ways to educate more people that Nuclear Power is inherently dangerous.
  • Facts like the IAEA admitting, “there is no such thing as a safe level of radiation” need to be dug out and SHARED
  • The LIE that the Nuclear Industry is “carbon neutral” needs exposing!
  • The fact that Nuclear is subsidized at the expense of investing in Green Energy needs to be highlighted.
  • Government figures for Nuclear new build (£60BN)+ nuclear decommissioning & disposal costs (£73BN) + twatty trident (£34BN at the very minimum) equal £86,000 per UK household per annum for the next 30 years! Imagine the amount of solar panels and wind turbines that could pay for (not to mention the jobs that could be generated!) These figures are MENTAL!
  • Challenge Friends of the Earth and Greenpeace about their deafening silence on this issue (wtf?)
  • Encourage more links between anti-nuclear campaigners and Earth Protectors from the Anti-Fracking movement.


The smiley-faced assassin Professor Brian Cox lending his nuclear-friendly face to assist Baroness Verma opening that exhibition at the Sellafield Visitor’s Center last May can kiss my arse!

Pro-Nuclear celebrity endorsement needs exposing for what it is. He also presented a Horizon Special recently that kept claiming we need Nuclear Fusion (not fission) to ‘solve the energy crisis’.

There is no ‘energy crisis’ !

The crisis is a bunch of greedy capitalists using their existing wealth as a strangle-hold to control the supply of energy and they literally do not give a fuck about pollution. And they are inextricably tied up with the rulers of our country.

More and more people are waking up to this fact, as they investigate into the murky mechanics and dirty politics of Fracking. The ever-growing, well-educated anti-fracking movement is a HUGE bonus if we can help people to join the dots to this issue as well.

There IS a link between Nuclear Waste Disposal and fracking. Here’s the article from the US where it is suggested Radioactive Waste has been routinely disposed of under the guise of hydraulic-fracturing for decades. Having searched for the patents, sure enough, they go right back to the 1960s, registered by Halliburton and others.


So far in the British mainstream press, we’ve only spotted what Damian Carrington printed in the Guardian which links the two topics (in paragraph 8 of the article below):

“taxpayers funding exploratory boreholes in shale…the data gathered will be used for the disposal of nuclear waste”


We need to keep scouring the press for more evidence of the inevitable soft-sell.

It’s down in black and white in the Implementing Geological Disposal White Paper that the fracking boreholes are AT LEAST going to be used to scope out a potential site… and plenty of evidence in academic papers from the Universities of Sheffield, Durham, DECOVALEX, etc. that Deep Borehole Disposal (DBD, BDB, BGF, BOSS, etc.!) designs are being seriously considered as temporary, if not permanent, solutions for the waste disposal. 

Disposal being a FALSE term – as you can only contain radioactivity, not get rid of it.

Out of sight most definitely is NOT out of danger from contaminating air, soil and water.

Professor Fergus Gibb of Sheffield University PATENTED a method of Deep Borehole Disposal in 2007 – the exact same year he was appointed to CoRWM!

“The Committee on Radioactive Waste Management (CoRWM) provides independent scrutiny and advice to the UK governments on the long-term management of higher activity radioactive wastes.”



If he ends up recommending Deep Borehole Disposal as a method for waste management, how can that be ‘independent scrutiny’?? Unbelievable.

We have found the evidence and were right to be watching out for this move to change the law, stripping the planning power away from councils.

To my mind, we were posting factual information to warn others at the earliest possible stage and I love you all for that.

On top of CONTINUING this backroom shared research, and wave of information-sharing from No Nuclear Waste Dumping and No Geo Nuke Dumping, I suggest we self-publish the latest news ourselves, like Marianne does so well.

We can produce fully-referenced articles to be shared and used to link people back to our pages and Radiation Free Lakeland to gather new supporters and create some momentum. We might try to publish pithy factual articles to match the bullet points above that not many people are unaware of, rather than just the latest news?  YOUR IDEAS PLEASE! 🙂

Ells xx

p.s. now that this is ‘out there’ (well done team!) we have to watch the threads.

I already spotted one troll today who wrote, “there’s no way they’ll put waste down fracking holes!”

Pftt, wanna bet?

















Dr. Becky Martin Challenges Baroness Worthington on the UK Government’s Nuclear Policy.

OPEN LETTER TO Baroness Worthington

Infrastructure Planning (Radioactive Waste Geological Disposal Facilities) Order 2015

Motion to Consider

Tuesday 10th March 2015

Dear Baroness Worthington,

I watched on in horror as you championed the removal of local authority’s right to decide over the disposal of nuclear waste in their communities. I didn’t know who you were at the time, and your position of the matter left me thinking perhaps you were a stakeholder in some nuclear power supply chain company.

I was dismayed to learn that you used to be a key member of Friends of the Earth. Further research shows that you have a background in environmentalism and appear on the surface to be concerned with climate change. So I ask myself, why would someone with your background be a champion of nuclear power? And why would you champion the disposal of nuclear waste underground at levels where groundwater circulates? And why would you want this done without allowing the full scrutiny of councillors and planning officers? Why would you prefer to remove power from locally elected representatives and place decisions in the hands of one person, creating a potentially corruptible situation?

Nuclear power is not a low carbon energy source. There is a wide range of data on the carbon footprint of nuclear waste, much of which is industry rhetoric. Benjamin Sovacool’s review found the average carbon footprint of nuclear power to be 66 gCO2/KWh, breaching the Committee on Climate Change’s recommended limits. Keith Barnham’s article in Ecologist has more detail:


The fact is the carbon cost of decommissioning and waste handling is difficult to estimate, and if the Sellafield budget is anything to go by, carbon costs could spiral. Building geological disposal facilities to handle waste would not necessarily reduce these costs. Vitrification and construction are not low carbon pursuits. What would the carbon cost of a water contamination event be? The human cost would be far greater.

Then there is the issue of uranium mining, a carbon costly enterprise. As this finite source depletes, ever lower quality of uranium ore will be sought, further increasing the carbon price tag. Fast breeder reactors technologies that could avoid some of the uranium ore issues are still a long way off, and would still produce waste our grandchildren would have to worry about (better than our grandchildren’s, children’s, children’s etc., but still a problem). The cost of uranium would really have to plummet to make this option viable. At what point on the carbon bad karma spectrum would this occur? Thorium reactor technology is fraught with issues, and is a very long way of becoming a practical reality. What could we achieve in the genuine renewable energy field in that time?

The amount of subsidies the government wishes to funnel into the greedy jaws of nuclear power is quite frightening, locking us into ridiculous contracts for decades and guaranteeing fuel poverty in the future. Who knows what the energy market will look like in ten, twenty years? If renewable technology received the proper support, and that includes people like you ceasing to defend the nuclear industry that could cripple it, we could be online to meet our carbon targets. Cheerleading for new builds that take years to get off the ground, even if you do believe they are low carbon (when the independent data clearly suggests otherwise), could delay action on climate change that could be happening right now. What if those nuclear energy subsidies were instead promised to the solar, wind, tidal, anaerobic digestion and retrofitting industries? Wouldn’t that be a far better way to tackle climate change?

But back to radioactive waste, which is a sticky issue. We have to deal with what we have, but most environmentalists and humanitarians agree that adding to that pile is madness. Why would someone with your credentials think otherwise? You have risen to a position of great power. You stood in the Moses room as someone who is known for their actions in protecting the environment, and damned it by championing nuclear power and nuclear waste dumping and stressing that it was a nationally significant issue that extends beyond the lifetimes of the people living in the area. You spoke about a pendulum of nuclear regulation and how radiation is ‘natural’. Background radiation is natural. Mining ores, processing, enriching etc., is most definitely not natural and comparing the two through insinuation is immoral. How is reducing regulation ever a good move for protecting public health and safety?

You may be thinking right now that I am part of a public that is somewhat hysterical about radiation and its effects. I have a PhD in cancer biology and have studied the response of cells to irradiation. I’m not frightened of a bit of background radiation, but I do have grave concerns about burying highly radioactive nuclear waste underground where it has to stay isolated for hundreds of thousands of years, without any of it ending up in our water supplies. The one thing we know for certain about deep hydrogeology is that we don’t know all that much about it. How can you guarantee the safety of our water supplies, and those of our children and their descendants? I suggest you read the ‘Rock Solid?’ review produced by GeneWatch on behalf of Greenpeace on geological disposal if you have not done so already.


I also very concerned about climate change, and quite aside from the radioactive waste issue, I am opposed to nuclear new builds due to their carbon emission consequences.

I would urge you to rethink your position on nuclear new builds and geological disposal on both pragmatic and ethical grounds.

Yours sincerely

Dr Becky Martin