Leave Lancashire a-Fracking-lone!

For those of you not in the know or deliberately abstaining from the joke that is our national news service, today the Lords of the land (via their Westminster mouthpiece) overturned Lancashire County Council’s planning decision to reject Fracking.


Honestly, my biggest reaction at this news is for the community of people who’ve worked so hard to first educate themselves, then expend a ridiculous amount of energy informing others, marching, singing, campaigning, drumming, researching, leafleting, camping (!) , drawing, writing, cataloging, stall-manning, door-knocking and endless conversations with others along the way… and all the usual human mess that comes with being part of a wider movement of diverse people.

You are all brilliant and that camaraderie is the silver lining of this total farce.

That and people realizing and accepting that #Democracy is just a bullshit word.

Love to all my friends who are absorbing this news and preparing themselves for further resistance – as the facts have not changed.

We’d still like our water to be fresh from deep in our lovely Earth as is meant to be – not drilled, poisoned by utter scumbags chasing a short term profit then re-injected ‘within safe limits’ and fuck anyone who suffers and breathes in toxic fumes along the way.

That odious, arrogant scumbag Frances Egan from Cuadrilla, said today that they’re aiming for ‘100 wells’ in Lancashire.


That’s one hundred 30 foot high flames burning off the excess poisonous gases 24/7 with all living things becoming collateral damage for what?

For ‘business’ for some private firm too STUPID to realize that the time has come to ditch fossil fuel burning as a way to keep the lights on.

That’s a hell of a lot of lovely folk in Blackpool, the Fylde, and right across the county to Preston who will be in certain danger and GUARANTEED some will die if this bad decision by central government is allowed to go ahead.  And that’s not including the huge stress that those people fighting this are under now…. a stress that does not go away.  The knowledge of how bad it is brings a sense of responsibility that once adopted is impossible to shake.

Some end up dedicating their every waking hour to this – it has taken over lives.
So this blog is to send L O V E  to all my friends on this, the opposite day of when we celebrated our incredibly hard won and legitimate victory in June, 2015.

What a fracking joke.

I have said ‘Rest in Love’ rather the traditional RIP ever since watching this film, as I can tell you now this man did not find peace in death.  The same fracking activity that killed his cows then claimed his life.  I can’t explain why, but I love him.

Here’s the absolute hero that is Terry who did his best to warn us.

May he inspire you as he did me.


P.s. For those of you who DID watch the news and were reassured by the promise of “golden regulations” which will allegedly ‘prevent’ the utter environmental and health disaster in the US from being repeated here, PLEASE NOTE:

1) the term ‘safe’ does not mean it won’t harm you. It is a shortened version of ALARP which means ‘as low as is reasonably practical’ which allows for KNOWN hazardous, radioactive and carcinogenic materials to be burned, buried and mixed into the water table with the HOPE that each individual toxic molecule will disperse (spread out) therefore you’d have to be a bit ‘unlucky’ if you were the poor soul who breathed it in/drank it/ate food that was contaminated with it.

2) All four unconventional gas wells in this country have so far FAILED. It was proven by the government themselves that the Blackpool well lead to hundreds of Earth tremors and a couple of notable quakes that damaged property (and potentially the underground aquifer – there is no way of ascertaining this!)
There was also pressure problems/annular failure in the others and multiple failed attempts to plug the well – and a fire in the hole over in Yorkshire.

3) There is no financial insurance in place in the event of an entire underground aquifer of water being ruined as HAS HAPPENED in the U.S. . The aquifer cannot be replaced – what happens is people start dropping dead of cancer. Your taps start spouting dirty water that instead of giving life – kills. 

4) It is the SAME scumbags wanting to frack here as in America, Australia, etc. (- e.g. Halliburton) using the same drilling techniques and secret ‘recipes’ protected by corporate law in the US for their chemical soup that makes the drilling fluid ‘slippy’ .

5) The media/industry/government reassurances are about as reliable as made-up testimonies re WMDs before the Iraq war. Same scumbags – and pretty much the same game. Except this time instead of the people of Fallujah being poisoned – you will be.


“The first Medact report, Health and Fracking, bought together a range of experts to examine the available evidence regarding the health hazards and risks associated with fracking.

Since then, the report’s lead author David McCoy has given expert witness testimony to the public inquiry into fracking in Lancashire, at which he presented health evidence in defence of a local decision to refuse a planning application for exploratory drilling licences.” 



“The following is an ever-growing list of the individuals and families that have been harmed by fracking (or fracked gas and oil production) in the US.”



“Cuadrilla had to take action to fix what engineers have described as a well integrity failure (though Cuadrilla denies this) at its Preese Hall site, in Lancashire, according to the emails revealed in response to an FOI request from Energydesk.”



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