What is Fracking?

Life Times 2015 by Stewart MacArthur
Life Times 2015
by Stewart MacArthur

Earth Can No Longer Afford A Profit Margin.
By Eleanor Bull.

1) Fracking and it’s dirty variants, Coal Bed Methane (CBM) and Underground Coal Gasification (UCG) is the latest attempt to keep the BIG SIX and their subsidiaries in business. The private firms who make obscene profits and who dominate the energy market and sponsor the main political parties who ‘compete’ to ‘govern’ the UK and most of the world, with  exceptions such as tiny Cuba.

2) Drilling companies create 3 to 5 km deep boreholes down to the shale layer.

3) These deep well shafts pass into our aquifers and out the other side – directly puncturing ancient natural cover that protects the source of our fresh water.

4) Fracking has irreversibly CONTAMINATED the aquifers in loads of US states KILLING people and animals. LOOK IT UP!

5) The drillers can use DEPLETED URANIUM to do the frack – i.e. blow up the rock down in the bowels of the Earth to ‘release the gas’. DU is a man-made product of nuclear scientists playing God and messing with the very nature of material. You need to look it up please. I don’t think you’d choose to risk drinking it.

6) They then pump ‘drilling mud’ which is water + sand + a toxic chemical soup to make it slippy water (i.e reduce friction) and cause chemical reactions to ‘enhance’ the release of gas and other products such a ‘ethylene’ (which will be piped straight from the fracking sites to companies that use toxic chemicals in places like Ellesmere Port.)

7) This deadly ‘drilling mud’ escapes from the borehole and RUINS the fresh water aquifer.

8) Water companies (e.g Yorkshire Water and United Utilities) SUPPORT fracking because they can a) sell the huge volumes of water needed to the drilling companies and b) are owned by a multi-national (which includes Citi Bank) and who ALSO have investments in Nestle who will then SELL you bottled water to drink instead.

9) It is no coincidence the UK government has LIMITED drilling (PEDL) licences for national parks (to protect the water sources there.)

10) Nestle have built a £35million pound water bottling factory in Buxton.

11) The Kelda Group (who own Yorkshire Water and Northern Irish Water and Scottish Water) PREDICTED to their  investments partners and stockmarkets at large in 2011, that “water is the new oil” and that ‘water will become an asset class…as pollution makes fresh water more valuable’ . The Citi Group top economist who said this is Wilhelm Buitler – LOOK IT UP!

12) Why do the borehole casings that are supposed to protect the aquifers FAIL? Because the seal is achieved by back-filling with cement (you know that stuff that can crack and crumble and does NOT last forever) and the frack itself CAUSES EARTHQUAKES .

13) The Frackers actually TARGET seams in the Earths crust to further the frack. This causes seismic activity that can fuck up the seal on the borehole. 5% of wells casings FAIL on the initial drilling and 50% fail within a *fifteen years (*I need to check this as more evidence may have lowered this now).

14) The well casing at Balcombe FAILED they have admitted to well-integrity failure.

15) The well-casing at Preese Hall FAILED they are STILL fighting to “plug the well” with multiple attempts at using cement to seal it having FAILED resulting in “annular pressure” i.e it’s is FUCKED.

16) Preese Hall caused TWO earthquakes in 2011 that damaged houses.

17) There is a deep well been bored at Ellesmere Port that I-Gas plans to frack.

18) They have already drilled and capped nearby Ince.

19) There are two wells drilled right of a protected water source in East Yorkshire. Rathlin have recently gained PERMISSION TO FRACK there. THE PEOPLE NEED HELP TO LOCK THE GATE RIGHT NOW.

20) The West Newton borehole has been fraught with problems and had a FIRE IN THE HOLE (look up gas explosions/fracking around the world.

21) The OPPOSITION to the fracking application at Beverley Town Hall were granted just FIVE MINUTES to mount their objections – WOT THE PISS??????? Lancashire County Council had a 6-day hearing!

22) The gas comes out at a rapid pace and has to be ‘flared off’ . The ten tons per DAY of flared gas that is burned STINKS (ask the people of West Newton) and is full of Methane and Radon gas plus other toxins.

23) Methane and Radon are CARCINOGENIC and also have been proven to affect your endochrine system, cause premature births and lots more ill-health. This damage to health affects all species and you cannot escape breathing it in if you live there. There is now a “methane cloud” over the US from fracking.

14) The UK’s independent air-quality monitoring stations were GOTTEN RID OF in the cuts.

15) The UK’s independent radioactive monitoring stations were GOT RID OF in the cuts.

16) In response to the radioactive contamination of aquifers in the US, and increased radioactivity in the environment raining down from Fukishima and all functioning nuclear power plants, Obama last year DOUBLED the level of radioactivity permitted in drinking water.

17) UK scientists have proven that you are 20 TIMES more likely to develop Leukemia if you live near a nuclear plant.

18) UK scientists have proven that you are FIVE TIMES more likely to get breast cancer if you live near a nuclear facility


20) ^ I.e. they are DRILLING BOREHOLES to gather data to find a place suitable to bury the stuff that is SO TOXIC it doesn’t even make it into nuclear bombs!!!!!!!

21) Depleted Uranium remains deadly for over FOUR AND HALF BILLION YEARS. If they use it in the frack, the HOW do you know they are not mixing liquid waste from spent nuclear fuel into the cement slurry to pimp into the fractured rock???

22) ^ This method of Nuclear Waste disposal was PATENTED by Halliburton in 1967.

23) Halliburton have the CONTRACT to do the re-injection of ‘fracking flowback water in North Yorkshire / Kirby Misperton.

24) The results of water samples (x3) sent by the licence-holder for drilling (Third Energy) to the Environment Agency show radioactivity levels of man-made synthetic substances that are products of the nuclear industry measured in GIGA becquerels per litre.

25) The Flowback water from Lancs was measured in MEGA becquerels per liter; that’s a difference of a thousand!!! WHAT THE FUCK DO THEY WANT TO INJECT INTO THE GROUND AT EBBERSTON MOOR????

26) If the Radioactive Waste Management decide on where they want to site a Geological Disposal Facility they no longer have to get planning permission from local and county councils.

27) By law (made on 31st March 2015) the person who can decide is the Secretary of State as the GDF is no classed as ‘being in the national interest’ and falls under NSIP rules.

28) National Significant Infrastructure Projects were designed to speed up planning consent for new trunk roads NOT TO KILL US BY POISONING THE WATER.

29) The UK dropped shells tipped with Depleted Uranium onto Fallujah in the illegal Iraq War. Some could argue it was a CHEAP way to get rid of our nuclear waste? Let alone make a packet via the arms trade.

30) Babies are being born in Fallujah that no longer look like babies. If you google it YOU WILL NEVER FEEL THE SAME AGAIN you have been warned.

31) The populations of Fallujah has been told DO NOT HAVE KIDS by the World Health Association, as the birth defects have sky-rocketed and will GET WORSE with each subsequent generation.

32) That’s how DNA mutation works, it gets worse with each new generation – see pictures of fucked up moths studied in Japan that scientists observed to prove this point resulting from the fallout from Fukishima.

33) Fukishima was the same dose as 100 Hiroshima bombs. Look it up!

34) People are getting FUCKING ILL in Japan. People have been getting ill from radiation, especially in North West England for decades – it CAUSES CANCER. Liverpool is the Cancer Capital of Europe and just happens to be down wind form where they enrich Uranium and down the coast from Sellafield that has pumped millions of litres of deadly shite directly into te Irish Sea since 1946.

35) The waste from Japanese nuclears reactors COMES BY SHIP TO BARROW, UK.

36) Sellafield has the MOST radioactive substances stored there than ANYWHERE on Earth

37) The Irish Sea is the MOST RADIOACTIVE sea in the world.

38) Sellafield does NOT produce one watt of electricity for the national grid! It just REPROCESSES the world’s filthy nuclear waste to MAKE THE INGREDIENTS FOR BOMBS.

39) One of the top exports of all five permanent members of the UN Security Council is ARMS – look it up!

40) Why do you think they are so keen on starting wars?!

41) A company called Capula, owned by IMTECH won a contract with Sellafield to “vitirify” it’s worse liquid waste – spent nuclear fuel – ready for Geological Disposal.

42) Vitrification turns the spent liquid fuel into glass. The ground up glass is set into cement and put into barrels ready to go down, ‘a very deep hole in the ground’ .

43) This will be a world first – it’s never been done before.

44) The scientist who patented this Deep Borehole Disposal in 2007 was appointed to the committee overseeing the radioactive waste management (CoRWM) in 2008.

44) Out of all the companies in the world, IMTECH got the contact to do this at Sellafield.

45) IMTECH have set up an office in Kirkham, Lancs, minutes away from both the Preston new Road (REJECTED!) fracking site on the Fylde and also the proposed site at Roseacre Wood.

46) Last week when the fracking application for Roseacre Wood was REFUSED, Lancashire County Council DID grant permit for six water monitoring boreholes and 80 seismic testing devices.

47) Prior to disposing nuclear waste down a hole, the ground *must be monitored for waster movement and seismic activity for a year/two (*according to their own bullshit advice that says this idea is safe at all – no matter how much fucking monitoring they do before hand.)

48) Frances Egan was COCK-A-HOOP and smiling his head off when Cuadrilla LOST the Roseacre fracking application but won the monitoring application last week.

49) Perhaps because the Nuclear Decommissioning industry is estimated by the British Government (who will have to pay for it with YOUR TAXES) at £73Billion.

50) Once the monitoring is done, it will NOT be up to the local people via their council reps to say yes or no to a nuclear Dump.

51) So is this why IMTECH have come out of nowhere to sponsor this year’s Fylde in Bloom???

52) Do you really think you can buy the people’s trust with hanging baskets???

53) Laugh away Egan you evil bastard and the rest of your fracking nukiller fuckwits we are onto you.

55) Roseacre – LOCK THE GATE

55)) Instead of the £60BN on new nuclear the UK government is committed to spending and the £100Billion on Trident, How’s about you buy us all a couple of these you freaks?



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